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Avataars Covenant of the Shield set #1-3

Complete Set
Grade: NM / 9.4
Title/Story: Avataars Covenant of the Shield
Writer: Kaminski
Artist: Phil Jimenez
Cover: Various
SKU: 1002

Availability: Out of stock

Fr. 9.00



Avataars: Covenant of the Shield was initially intended as a twelve-issue project featuring the established Marvel characters in a fantasy setting, but the story that was originally planned was never published. Marvel was in financial trouble at the time, and a twelve-issue series was not considered viable, so the creative team instead produced a three-issue prologue to the main saga, an unsuccessful attempt to generate sufficient interest in a longer story The series begins with the formation of the planet Eurth by the Shaper of Worlds under the supervision of the Living Tribunal, Eternity, and Infinity. Their purpose is to create a planet that is an alternative version of Earth in order to further understand the heroes that inhabit that world. The overall plot involves the kidnapping of the son of Captain Avalon (Captain America) by forces employed by the Dreadlord (Baron Zemo). Various heroes become involved in the rescue efforts, most of these being members of the Champions of the Realm (the Avengers).

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